Malta Beer Float

March 25, 2013

Malta Beer Float (Caribbean Float)

For this Lunes Latinos I am sharing a twist on a Latin drink that is mostly popular in the Caribbean. I grew up drinking this and asking my parents for it all the time as it is sweet and refreshing all together. The star of this drink is the malta beer. What is malta beer? Don’t let the term beer fool you, this is a soft drink that is brewed like beer but not fermented which makes it non-alcoholic. I like to drink Malta beer cold and straight up or swirled with sweetened condensed milk.

Adding sweetened condensed milk to malta is definitely a treat and kids of all ages love it. I grew up loving it too, but I have recently discovered an even better way of enjoying malta: I have created the malta float. All you will need is to add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to your malta and sweetened condensed milk drink and just like that, it becomes a delicious Caribbean float.

I am calling it the Caribbean float as according to Wikipedia, nowadays, most malta is brewed in the Caribbean and is ussually sold in areas with substantial Caribbean populations. Wikipedia also states that aside from the islands of the Caribbean, malta is also popular in Caribbean coastal areas such as Panama, Colombia and Venezuela and other countries that share a Caribbean coast.

Malta Beer Float (Caribbean Float)

To make this drink even more fun, I have added chocolate malted milk balls. You can add them whole or crushed. Your choice! I love this idea as it adds crunch to the drink.

Malta Beer Float (Caribbean Float)

The bonus of adding the chocolate malted milk balls is scooping them out once I was you are done drinking the float.

Malta Beer Float (Caribbean Float)

12 Responses to “Malta Beer Float”

  • Live.Love.Laugh

    My son will love this- I have to try this for him. Malta beer is one of his favorite beverages, so I always have it available in my refrigerator.

  • Oh that looks pretty darn delish for sure. I adore floats and I have never tried malta beer before so this is definitely on my list.

  • Never had malta before. We could probably get it at one of our Latin markets for sure. Thanks for bringing this on to the forefront for us!

  • Dariela

    What a great idea! Yo también crecí con malta y me fascina todavía! Eso si nunca la tomamos con leche condensada, como que el escucharlo nada mas me empalaga, jajaja! But I do want to try these floats! I love ice cream floats!!

    • Siii de adulto ya le agrego menos leche condensada jajaja pero de ninia era mi bebida favorita y he visto en otros blogs que en Cuba tambien se toma con leche condensada. Try the float without the sweetened and condensed milk, it was really good!

  • Love malta floats!
    Like Dariela, I too grew up drinking malta as a kid, a traditional drink in Venezuela (still a favorite drink for me). As kids we also used to add milk (half and half), no extra sweetening though.
    Nowadays I prepare my malta floats with butter pecan ice cream (with extra walnuts topping of course!)

    • Yes, the sweetened condense milk adds more sugar but as a kid it was one of those delicious pleasures. Your idea of replacing the sweetened condensed milk by half and half sounds like it could be a good substitution and I will have to try my Malta Float with butter pecan ice cream next time .. ohh lets not forget the walnuts. Thanks for the idea!

  • de acuerdo con Dariela… esto es una “bomba de azúcar”. Debe ser super empalagante!!!! Hey, me gusta la malta, la leche condensada, y las bolas de chocolate malteadas, pero todo junto es too much!!!!

    Y es la primera vez que escucho referirse a la malta como “malta beer”. Malta es malta… no importa si lo dices en español o en inglés. Lo de “beer” es algo que confunde más que aclara el producto… en mi humilde opinión.

    • Es una rica bomba! crecí tomando esta combinación y el helado solo la hace mejor. No tomo esto todos los días pero en mi estilo de dieta aún permito ciertos placeres como este. En mi país le llamamos “Cervecita” pues es como una cerveza pero sin el alcohol. En Wikipedia en Ingles le llaman Young Beer o Children’s beer por eso le llamo Malta Beer. A disfrutar de la Malta!

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