Drinks Perfect for Winter with Honey

December 4, 2013

So the winter months are here and what better partner than a warm drink. Whether you enjoy a cup of tea as you curl up with a blanket to stay cozy, or prefer to share a mug of hot chocolate with your family as a treat, or maybe you just can’t live without coffee to keep you running on the go, there are many situations when you will need a warm drink this season. Oh and did I fail to mention all the wonderful festive opportunities where a drink will be the perfect way to toast and share with friends and family? My bad, but as you can see the occasions are many and you will need options. Because the National Honey Board knows this and wants you to be ready and have great recipes to try, they have asked me to develop 6 drink recipes using honey appropriate for the season so they can become your next staple drinks.

I immediately jumped on-board for this project as I enjoy the unique flavor of honey which stands out from any other sweetener plus I always try to consume honey to sooth soar throats and suppress cough. And as it is 100% natural, made possible by mother nature, there is no way to go wrong using honey as your main sweetener for drinks or any other recipe. I actually have multiple recipes on the blog that call for honey, there is this one, this one, this other one here, oh and there is a one more here. Check them out!

As you can see I am a honey lover and the best part of this campaign is that it was featured on the National Honey Board Spanish site called Miel Pura.  See my bio and main campaign page here.

Now, going back to the drinks using honey, take a look at my recipes below. I love them all and I am so proud of the pictures I took of them which were used for the project too!

Spiced Mandarin Orange Tea with Honey  — (En Español here)

Te de Miel Mandarina y Especias #MielPura
White Chocolate Mocha with Mint and Honey Cream  — (En Español here)

Mocha de Chocolate Blanco, Menta y Crema de Miel #MielPura

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate with Honey  — (En Español here)

Chocolate Caliente con Maní y Miel #MielPura

Honey Caramel Coffee  — (En Español here)

Cafe con Leche y Caramelo de Miel #MielPura

Coconut Cream Honey Eggnog  — (En Español here)

Ponche Crema de Coco con Miel #MielPura

Apple, Pineapple and Honey Cider  — (En Español here)

Sidra de Miel Manzana y Piña #MielPura


Disclosure: I was compensated to be part of the National Honey Board winter honey campaign but I was not required to write this post. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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