Roasted Chicken in Mango-Chile Rub

March 30, 2014

Easy + Delicious: Roasted Chicken in Mango-Chili Rub

Something you may not know about me is that I love adventures. I love to try new things, experiment the unknown and same goes with food. I may always order the same thing in certain restaurants but at home I enjoy mixing and playing with non traditional items and make delicious food with them. Take this recipe, I had a bunch of dried mango, which I keep in the house to snack on, and I wondered what else could I do with it and that is how this mango chili rub was born.

Before I jump on the recipe I want to share that experimenting is good for the soul, for our kids, for our relationships it simply beats one-dimensional live. Whereas you get to experiment through reading a book, walking down the street or traveling the world, just do it. We live in a rich world, filled with rich experiences. Sometimes the fear to take risks may keep us in the couch watching that funny TV show or novela, but there is so much more to living and that’s the world I want to pass on to my daughter. Would you like to start trying new things today? I suggest you start with this chicken. Do it!

Easy + Delicious: Mango-Chili Rub

In Mexico a popular snack is fruit with chile powder, and mango is a popular choice. The chile powder is not hot spicy, it just gives an interesting and smokey flavor to the fruit. This is how I got inspired to add chile to the dried mango I had available. The combination is brilliant and finding a new use for the dried mango was perfect.

The key to this is freezing the mango. This step will help with crushing the dried mango into tiny little pieces for a more consistent rub. You then grind it with the chile powder and some olive oil. Rub it in the chicken and bake to golden perfection.

Easy + Delicious: Roasted Chicken in Mango-Chili Rub

This is such a flavorful recipe. I liked the texture of the mango as well. I slathered the rub underneath the chicken skin and the mango got soft after roasting, it almost reconstituted itself. The mango bits that remain in the outer layer, got crispy and it added a nice contrast.

Overall one of my favorite cooking adventures.

Easy + Delicious: Roasted Chicken in Mango-Chili Rub


Roasted Chicken in Mango-Chile Rub
serves 4
  • 12 full size slices dried mango
  • 4 tablespoons chile powder
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 chicken leg quarters
  • salt to taste
  1. Place dried mango in the freezer overnight
  2. Break mango into smaller pieces and ground in a food processor
  3. Add chile powder and olive oil and blend in food processor as well
  4. Season chicken with salt to taste
  5. Rub chicken with the mango chile mixture
  6. Place chicken pieces in a baking dish
  7. Roast in a preheated oven at 375 for 45 minutes or until juices run clear


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