Hi! I’m Melissa. Watch my intro video and welcome to Hungry Food Love!

More about me:

I am a simple girl that enjoys demonstrating love through food. Every time I whip-up a super yummy dish, I just feel like yelling out the window how awesome food makes me feel, but then again, why would anyone do that? So instead I am just going to write it all down and share it with you through this blog.

About this blog:

Hungry Food Love was born out of my love for love, delicious eats and kind souls. I wanted to create a space where I could express myself sharing encouraging messages of LOVE while discovering and learning  more about FOOD. The term HUNGRY stems from the fact that a personal life goal of mine has always been to raise both awareness and money to help kids in hunger in my beloved Dominican Republic, and I want this blog to be the platform that can help me reach this dream

Through this blog I will talk just about anything and everything that can bring you positive light. On Mondays I post a Latin inspired recipe through the food series LUNES LATINOS and one more recipe post is ussually shared during the week that aims to teach you new tricks for easy entertaining and simple but super yummy eating.

Take a look at some of the collaborations, features and love this blog has received by visiting the Highlights page.

About the best in my life:

The kitchen is my favorite room in the whole house, here my precious Little L,  Mr. B.  and I create new memories every day.

  • As you can see below, Mr. B, my wonderful husband,  is very hands-on in the kitchen.


  • And here is Little L, our great companion that keeps us always smiling, busy and entertained.


About you:

My dear reader, first of all let me tell you how happy it makes me to know that you are here. It is an honor and although I don’t know much about you yet, I do want to know more and would love to become your friend. So please, join the conversations, comment on the posts, tell me what you think, share your stories, contact me, give me ideas and always come back for more. I am so stoked that you are here and for that, Gracias!

Lets stay connected! – Contact me at melissa@hungryfoodlove.com


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26 Responses to “About”

  • Shirley Vass

    Que lindo! Aplastando los tostones. Buen chico. Me encantan los tostones. Buena suerte con tu blog. Que Dios bendiga a tu nena.

  • Carla Pimentel

    Me encanta!! El otro dia estaba buscando tu antigua página, que bueno que creaste esta!! =)

  • Jeimy Castillo

    Loved your page! So cute & thoughtful.. For some reason ur pics reminded me of “Julie & Julia”, lolz *:)

  • rosilet

    Me encanta! Haciendo tostones! Ha sido una grata sorpresa encontrar tu blog. Ahora estoy con el móvil pero en cuanto pueda me paseo con calma con la compu. Yo también soy dominicana viviendo en Mallorca y de vez en cuando trato de publicar alguna delicia de nuestra tierra. Muchos éxitos y muchas felicidades por tu blog!

    • Gracias Rosilet! aqui estoy a tu orden. Espero que regreses y estes pendiente a las demas recetas. Tambien por favor comparte la pagina de facebook para asi conseguir mas likes (me gusta) y poder llegar a mas personas. Siempre comenta, pregunta y estaremos en contacto!

      • Licelot Pichardo

        Estoy sin palabras, es la primera vez que veo tu página y esta chulísima!! Felicidades!!

  • Cynthia Legra

    This is amazing Melissa! Cant wait to share with all of my friends!

  • hola melissa! i’m so happy I can across your lovely blog. so many wonderful recipes and beautiful photography. we have similar things in common, i see. we’re both dominican, wives, mothers to girls (your daughter is adorable, btw) and share a passion for good food. please take a look at my blog (www.theheartnart.wordpress.com). if it strikes your fancy, please follow me. i’d love for you to be in my community of supportive, inspiring woman in this blogging world of ours. i look forward in trying out some of your mouth-watering dishes. (p.s: i linked your pernil recipe on one of my recent thanksgiving posts). muchas gracias – raquel

    • Hola Raquel!!!! I am the one that is super excited that you found me! Your blog looks soo awesome! I will take the time to go through it but at a first glance I noticed that indeed we have many many things in common and that’s so cool! I cant wait to follow you, get to know you, be connected and maybe collaborate in the future. Thanks again, TTYL!

  • Slava

    Hi Melissa! It was nice meeting you at People Quest :) I’m already getting hungry just by looking at photos of some recipes. Will definitely try cooking some of the dishes here, will let you know how it goes:)

    • Slava thank you so much for stopping by and subscribing to the blog. I am glad you like what you have seen and it was a pleasure to meet you as well. lets stay in touch! You can follow the blog through facebook too! Thanks

  • ¡Hola paisana! Tu blog está bellísimo. Hasta hoy es cuando puedo visitarlo, gracias por dejar tu mensaje el otro día. La pasamos muy bien en República Dominicana, tú sabes como es, uno siempre se la pasa bien por allá. Estuve muy desconectada y hoy es que me estoy poniendo al día. Me encanta todo lo que tienes aquí, si fuera food blogger tendría 400 libras. Hermoso trabajo y muy buenos tips. Un abrazo!

  • Hola Melissa,
    Acabo de conocer tu blog y he quedado encantada!! soy dominicana y tengo un blog también por lo que entiendo tu trabajo.
    Felicidades, las fotos estan preciosas, muy bien logradas! las haces tu misma?
    Saludos y desde ya te sigo!

  • Melissa! I am so incredibly in awe of your blog. From your recipes to your photographs to your writing to your message. This is amazing. And you have a f/t job, and you are a f/t wife + mother. Incredible. It was nice seeing you again at the Blogger’s Offline event. I am loving Rochester Blogger Network for bringing us all together, and can’t wait to sit with you for our next Board meeting. I feel I have so much to learn from you!! XO

    • Awww thank you sooo much Barbara! I agree with loving RBN! This past year as a blogger, I have really enjoyed meeting other bloggers online and creating new friendships …so having the opportunity to do the same with bloggers in our community is even better. Looking forward to seeing you again and supporting the goals of RBN.

  • Yanilka

    Que grata sorpresa descubrir que eres tu la que has creado este blog tan instructivo y divertido.
    Te felicito por mantener tus raices muy cerca con estas deliciosas recetas.
    Me encanta cocinar al igual que tu y por aqui he encontrado excelentes recetas.

    Gracias por compartirlas.

    Yanilka, desde DR y desde el CEB. Abrazos!

  • I just tead your story. Iam so proud of you. Thankyou for love of food, family n our latino tradition.

  • Your Little L is a doll, so precious! I love your vibe!! :)

  • Pattie

    Hi, your dear sister, my friend at work, gave me the link to you amazing blog. I love to cook and can’t wait to try your receipts. I also love your pictures of home and reading your thoughts

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