If you’ve been a reader of this blog you know how much helping others means to me. From day one, I set the goal of using this blog as a tool to help those hungry of needs in my beloved Dominican Republic. It all started with a simple statement, and today I am so happy to announce it has become a reality. We have found amazing partners in this giving journey that are committed to help us launch what we are calling: Más.

Más, literally means “more” in Spanish, and to us it’s a symbol of positivism. It signifies our desire to help kids achieve much more than what it’s currently available to them through the Dominican Republic’s education system. Because they deserve Más!


How is Más is going to help?

We do not want to limit ourselves, as we know the possibilities of helping others are endless, but for now our hearts are set in the children of the Dominican Republic and their disadvantage due to the lack of resources and quality of the public education system. We want these kids to have access to more opportunities and we believe that this is achieved through education.

All the money raised will be poured into kids that love to learn, that are curious, and that do not have the means to receive education beyond the basic schooling offered in the Dominican Republic. These kids can’t afford to learn a second language, become computer literate or explore their artistic side, and we wan’t to change that. We want them to be more!

So how can we help?

A comprehensive website further explaining our goals, who we are, who are these kids, and how you can help is being built. We are excited to soon introduce you to this project and have you on board. In the mean time, if you want to join our current efforts, simply contact me so we can talk more about this project. Email me at

Also please give our sponsors some love as they have been the pioneers that have helped make Más a reality. Like us, Hey SHUGA! is an organization with roots in the Dominican Republic. They have a big heart and have committed to support Más by helping over a dozen kids receive quality extra-curricular activities. Check their website out, learn about their organic liquid sweeteners, and buy their products as a way to say thanks!

Gracias for always giving Más!

Hey SHUGA! and Lil' SHUGA!



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